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Welcome to this modest and friendly hub. If you’re a busy parent, you’ve found the right place for practical & fun unplugged activities for kids.

Hi, I’m Maaike, an illustrator, scientist and mama of two curious sweeties (6 & 9), caffeine addict, childhood doodler and design enthusiast. As a working mom I know time is valuable – no time for endless browsing Pinterest (tempting as it is..). So if you’re looking for reliable fun screen-free after school activities for kids, that also pack some creative/educational value, you’re in the right place.

I also make scientific illustrations and run an Etsy shop (this one is just starting) Oh, and I can unicycle. Really.

On raising kids

I love raising my kids. We play games, create art, get our hands dirty, dance in the living room and fool around. I firmly believe that play is the best way to learn. No pressure, just observe and try. Sometimes we do nothing – that’s important too (especially with a Super Mario obsessed boy..). 

Play date ideas: reliable, educational and fun

I’m always looking for ideas or activities to fill rainy days, ’empty afternoons’ or play dates. Whatever I post will be researched and well-designed. In other words, everything I post will be reliable. That’s a comforting thought.

It’s so frustrating when people post without double-checking. How often do you open a post or click on a pin only to find broken links, inadequate descriptions, leaving you to improve on the spot or running to the shops for missing supplies. Not here. I have done and tested every design and every idea that I share. I just want things to be right.

Playing games

Apart from the arts & crafts activities that usually clutter the living room, we just looove playing board games. I stumbled upon paper claiming it’s all the rage now. If so, I’m accidentally trendy (and a have a cupboard stacked with board games to prove it!). So I’m always looking for new games. I believe it’s really great for the child’s development as it teaches them so much: strategy, counting, waiting for a turn, pattern recognition, learning to loose (!).. and win (..). And: it’s a NO-SCREEN activity. Thumbs up from me!

Screen-free activities for kids

While you’re here, please have a look around in my little shoppe. It’s stocked with printable activities (masks for role play, board games, DIY decor, birthday party printables) and retro-inspired prints. Simple designs, full of colour, full of attitude. Just like the blog posts, the printables are well-designed and reliable.


In a nutshell, here you will find easy hands-on play ideas for kids: creative, educational, fun! The designs are well though out, full of colour, full of attitude and bring a wee bit of cheerfulness into your home..

You will get high-quality, tried and tested printables from me. As a mom and a graphic designer, I can vouch for reliable printables. But you don’t have to take my work for it, just have a look at the free downloads on my website and you’ll get a taste of the products that I design.

All designs have been handcrafted by me, on a big wooden table on my Macbook and drawing tablet, in the company of hot coffee. They have been tested by my kids their friends, and I only put then up for sale if they’re ‘officially’ approved by them!

Also, you will be supporting a working mom who is running a small studio and paying for swimming lessons for the kids, not the second holiday home of an executive director of a global company. It’s the www-version of ‘buying local’, I suppose.

Anyway, feel free to browse..and print!


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For questions, drop me a note at info@studio-stilla.com



Maaike from Studio Stilla

Here’s a look behind the scenes: My Macbook & drawing tablet covered in heaps of paper, accompanied by a copious supply of caffeine. When I have prepared a draft version of a new game or activity, I ask my 7 year old son to play – he’s the most critical reviewer. He loves playing games himself and even invents his own games (with ever changing rules..)

PS For scientific illustrations, please visit the sister website, studio-stillae.nl

Further details:

I am registered at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) as Maaike de Backer from Studio Stilla with reference 65438159 in the Bourgognestraat 25A in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Contact me by email: info@studio-stilla.com

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