Birthday countdown calendar printable


Colourful birthday countdown calendar printable. Colour a flag every day and count the number of nights to sleep until the Big Day!

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Birthday countdown calendar to anticipate birthday fun! Colour a flag every day and see the birthday banner grow. At the same time, count the white flags to see ho many days you have to wait for the Big Day. This way kids can het an idea how far away their birthday is, and they can see it getting closer.

Kids can make such a big deal about birthdays and birthday parties.. They know the ‘big day’ comes closer every day, but often cannot grasp the number of nights to sleep. A birthday countdown calendar printable helps a great deal! You simply colour a flag every day, and count the number of days to go. At the same time, the coloured bunting flags add colour and fun to the process of countdown. The last flag is the balloon flag: party time!

I decided to start the banner 3 weeks before the birthday. I know my kids get excited around that time. I wouldn’t start much earlier because the number can be daunting – it would be such a long wait! And of course you can start later: simply colour the appropriate flags. In any case, double-check to be on the safe side.

Birthday anxiety

Some kids can get quiet anxious about their birthday. The anticipation can take the fun out of the big day. That’s so sad! Have a look at these tips for throwing a succesfull party and use the countdown calendar to beat the birthday blues. Birthdays should be fun and we can help!

// What’s included? Birthday countdown calendar:

– One colourful design (paper size A4 and letter).

// Use the birthday countdown calendar for

– Count number of nights to sleep
– Reduce birthday anxiety
– Have fun looking forward to birthday party

// How does it work?

1. Count the number of days until the child’s birthday. For example, if there are 18 days to go, colour the flags with a higher number than 18 (that is, 19 to 21). So, the number 18 is visible. That is how many days the child needs to wait.

2. Tip: the background of the actual birthday is coloured white. It does not included in the count down. You can decide if you colour this or not.

// Instant download

This is a digital file of my own design that you can print yourself. After purchase you will receive an email with a download link (check your spam folder if you don’t see it). If you still don’t see it, contact me and I will sort it out.

1. Open the JPG using any photo editing software or (most) text editor
2. Print the file on card stock (recommended) or regular print paper.
3. Start colouring!


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