Blank Pokemon party card [jumbo template]


Fantastic Pokemon Party idea: a blank Pokemon Party card to decorate! Birthday parties were never so easy!


Do you also have a small Pikachu obsessed boy/girl in the house? And are you planning a Pokemon themed birthday party? Here’s a fun & easy idea: sit down with the kids and let them design their own blank Pokemon party card – they’ll love it!!

Birthday party planning can be a hassle – it always takes more time than you anticipated. Right?

Why not making it easy for yourself and print a few blank Pokemon Party Cards? The kids will love it – guaranteed (I know – I tried!) Plus, it will give them a little ‘down’ time. And you too! Sit down, relax and enjoy.

// What’s included in the ‘Blank Pokemon Party Card’?

Essentially it is a printable Jumbo-sized Pokemon card, with a party theme, related to Pikachu

Wording on the card:

Type: Basic
Title: “Party Pikachu”
Hit points: 100 HP
Move name 1: “Sparkling Fireworks”
Move name 2: “Surprise Party”
Description: “This Pikachu is a party animal! Give him a ketchup cake and watch his dance moves!”

// Details

  • Use: Pokémon themed party
  • Instant download, so print & play!
  • Endless supply: print as many as you need

// Why 

You can find other templates on the web, right? So why buy one here?

  • This design is specifically made for birthday parties (others are generic)
  • Easy to download from trusted website (no malware, no spyware, etc)
  • Jumbo card at correct size (no tears!) – this usually is not the case elsewhere
  • Inspected and approved by local expert (my 9-yo Pokémon obsessed boy)
  • Support a mom (the illustrator) ; )
  • Easy to print PDF (no funny file formats)
  • Instant download, so print & play!
  • Endless supply: print as many as you need

// Directions

1. Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader (free at 

2. Print the files and play!


Pokemon party idea printable Pokemon card template


Want more? Here’s a non-party jumbo Pikachu card template (for the rest of the year)! Or have a look at other party printables ; )


Pokemon card template - jumbo sized







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