Pokemon card template [jumbo size]


Design your own Pokémon card! Any Pokémon fan will enjoy this! Using this Pokemon card template will make it super easy – enjoy!! Jumbo sized for big results ; )


Pokemon card template: a fun & easy idea for any Pokemon fan: let them design their own Pokemon card!!

So.. my boy loves Pokemon.. He spends hours arranging his cards. If not, he nags me for screen time. Sounds familiar?

Distraction is key! Any type of crafts that involves a Pokemon is a hit and this jumbo sized Pokemon card template has really done its job well. I can vouch for it! It has provided hours of creative fun in the house (read: no nagging).

// What’s included in the ‘Pokemon Card Template’?

Essentially it is a printable Jumbo-sized Pokemon card, related to Pikachu. Wording on the card (based on a ‘real’ card):

Type: Basic
Title: “Pikachu”
Hit points: 70 HP

Move name 1: “I choose you!”
Description: “Search your deck for a Pokémon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffles your deck.”

Move name 2: “Thunderbolt”
Description:”Discard all Energy from this Pokémon”

Personality: “This Pikachu is smart and faithful to his trainer”

// Details of ‘Pokemon Card Template

  • Use: play date, creative quiet time, Pokémon themed party
  • Instant download, so print & play!
  • Endless supply: print as many as you need

// Why 

You can find other templates on the web, right? So why buy one here?

  • Easy to download from trusted website (no malware, no spyware, etc)
  • Jumbo card at correct size (no tears!) – this usually is not the case elsewhere
  • Inspected and approved by local expert (my 9-yo Pokémon obsessed boy)
  • Support a mom (the illustrator) ; )
  • Easy to print PDF (no funny file formats) – perfect for home printing!
  • Instant download, so print & play!
  • Endless supply: print as many as you need

// Directions

1. Open the Pokemon card template PDF file using Adobe Reader (free at www.adobe.com). 

2. Print the files and play!

Pokemon card template to print - blank jumbo size

Want more? Have a look at the blank Pokemon Party Card – perfect for Pokemon themed birthday parties!


Pokemon party idea printable Pokemon card template







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