Pokemon Easter eggs [printable templates for egg holders]


Pokemon Easter eggs that feature the characteristic ears and tails of Pikachu, Pichu and Eevee. Well-designed paper egg holder templates that you can print, cut and glue in no time. This year the Pokemon fans will set the table for Easter!


I made these Pokemon Easter eggs (or egg holders, really) just for fun. Honestly, I cannot think of a better reason. When I was testing the designs my kids were offering to help, so something must be right ; ) Well, anything yellow with pointy ears and an electric tail will attract interest from my 9 year old Pokemon obsessed son..

It’s not hard to get kids involved in setting the table, just get Pokemons involved!

Love Easter? And Pokemon? Then this Pokemon Easter eggs printable templates may be for you.


Pokemon printable crafts for kids

Pokemon crafts for kids to make: DIY Easter eggs from printable templates


  • 4 designs for Pokemon Easter eggs templates: two Pikachus (different shapes), Pichu and Eevee
  • Hand drawn artwork from an illustrator
  • Pretty from all sides: the printable templates include front and back designs
  • Eye for detail: the back of the ears are different from the fronts (especially nice for Eevee and Pichu)
  • Minimalist design with very recognisable features, so whatever your kids will do they will look nice! This means the templates are suitable for younger kids (or older kids who are sloppy crafters 😁)
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included with illustrations
  • Easy version: just use the ‘front’ design
  • Prettiest version: glue ‘front’ and ‘back’ designs together
  • Tested: suitable for all chicken eggs
  • Just print, cut and glue
  • Craft idea for boys & girls
  • Approved by very local Pokemon fan 😉😊

I decided to draw these Pokemon Easter eggs templates with a characteristic thick line around the ears, but if you don’t like them you can simply cut them off.

Pokemon crafts idea for kids: Pick and Eevee paper egg holders

Pokemon paper crafts for kids: printable templates

Find more Pokemon craft ideas here,e.g. a blank jumbo-sized Pokemon cards or a party-themed black card. Make a Pikachu Jumping Jack, or startle Snorlax (if you dare)

If you’re throwing a party, you may want to check out the party printables!

Pokemon Easter eggs: Pokemon crafts for Easter

Make your own Pokemon Easter eggs! Just print, cut and glue.


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Pokemon Easter eggs using printable templates.

How to make your own Pokemon Easter eggs: print the templates, cut and glue.

Pokemon Easter crafts for kids

Pokemon crafts: Pokemon Easter eggs to make yourself from a printable template



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