Pokemon paper crafts – Snorlax Jumping Jack Template


Make your own jumping Snorlax! Tickle him to jump (well, pull the cord..)! Any Pokémon fan will just love to make these (even those who dislike crafts ; )


Pokemon paper crafts : a Snorlax Jumping Jack! Snorlax is a personal favourite, so I just had to make this. Who would not want to eat and sleep all the time?

A fantastic Pokemon crafts idea for kids, but also a paper toy once it is finished. Perfect for all Pokemon fans, including those who feel ‘too old’ to do crafts..😊

Pokemon paper crafts idea - printable template for a DIY Snorlax paper toy

A refreshing version of a classic jumping jack paper toy, restyled as Snorlax

// What’s included in the ‘Pokemon paper crafts Jumping Jack template’?

Essentially it is a printable document (a PDF file) with a Jumping Jack Snorlax that you can print and make yourself.


// Details of ‘Pokemon paper crafts Jumping Jack

  • A4 and Letter sized document
  • High-resolution PDF file, so easy to print
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Instant download, so print, cut & play!

// Use

  • Play date,
  • Creative quiet time
  • Pokémon themed party
  • Getting your tween into doing crafts again ; )

// Why 

You can find other Pokemon paper crafts on the web, right? So why buy one here?

  • Easy to download from trusted website (no malware, no spyware, etc)
  • Inspected and approved by local expert (my 9-yo Pokémon obsessed boy)
  • Support a mom (the illustrator) ; )
  • Easy to print PDF (no funny file formats) – perfect for home printing!
  • Immediate access: instant download, so print & play!
  • Endless supply: print as many as you need
Pokemon party favor and crafts idea - printable template for a paper jumping jack

Yes! Pokemon party favours can be cheap, eco-friendly and crafty!

// Directions

1. Open the PDF file that contains the Pokemon paper crafts Jumping Jack template, using Adobe Reader (free at www.adobe.com). 

2. Print the file. Use heavy paper (more than 200 g/m2) or card stock for best results

3. Follow the instructions

// What you’ll need

You’ll need a pair of scissors, paper fasteners (brass fasteners, split pins) and a piece of string (embroidery thread, cotton, yarn).

A bit of tape is optional but desirable (to prevent tearing). Also, a blunt needle comes in handy. I used an embroidery needle (a chunky one that kids use).

// There’s more

If you’re interested din more Pokemon printables? Have a look at the these – great for crafts or birthday parties. You’ll find a Pikachu Jumping Jack, for example. You’ll find blank Jumbo-sized Pokemon cards, with a generic theme (I choose you) or a Pikachu party theme. Or, when Easter is around the corner (or just for fun): printable Pokemon Easter eggs!









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