Summer Game for kids


Cheerful board game for kids! Instant download, so print & play!


‘Popsicle party’ is a printable summer game for kids. It’s a board game that is easy & fun to play! Kids simply love the theme. After a day in the sun, let the kids wind down and relax with a game. No iPad required ; )

Instant download, so print & play!

Play it with your (grand) children, pack it for road trips or save it for play dates! Great gift idea for families who travel frequently. 

// Details

  • – Game: table game based on chance and memory
  • – Theme: Summer, popsicles
  • – Age: 5+
  • – Players: 2-4 players
  • – Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • – Use: play dates, weekends, road trips, holidays
  • – Gift idea: kids, travelling families
  • – Lightweight, packs flat 
  • – Instant download, so print & play!

//How to play this Summer Game for kids

1. During your turn, you throw a die. The Polar Bear takes the corresponding number of steps, either clockwise or anti-clockwise (so you have some control)

2. Take the popsicle token or put it back (if it’s a duplicate). Or, if you’re lucky and have taken the Sun: take a popsicle of your choice from another player!

3. The first player to collect all 6 popsicles wins the game! Detailed manual is included.

// Education.  Kids will learn:

  • – to understand simple rules
  • – wait for their turn
  • – mildly challenges memory
  • – develop game strategies 

// The package includes:

  • – playing board 
  • – 24 popsicle tokens (4 times 6 designs)
  • – 1 Sun token
  • – 1 playing piece (Polar bear)
  • – 1 printable die
  • – simple instructions.

// Directions

1. Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader (free at
2. Print the file on a colour printer (at home or a local print shop) on heavy-weight paper (card stock). Ur use regular paper and laminate.
3. Cut out the triangles and coins.

// Experiences

My son & his friends love to play this game! Well, they like popsicles.. It took 1-2 games for my 5-year old to understand the importance of remembering where the Sun was, and where players would return their duplicate popsicles. It’s so much fun to observe kids developing a strategy. 

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