Printable color game


A fun way to teach colours to kids, a game suitable for young players! 


This is a printable color game for kids, suitable for young players! The colour die is easy to use – great for teaching colours!

Players throw a colour die and move their seagulls to a boat of the corresponding colour. The first seagull to arrive at the buoy wins the game!

In my experience, kids love the unpredictable character of their turn; they are so excited when the seagull takes a long leap! As the game only takes 5 minutes to play, we play game after game – everyone has the opportunity to win multiple times. No tears!

// Details

– Game: board game, based luck
– Theme: ocean, colours
– Age: 3+
– Players: 2-4 players
– Duration: 5-10 minutes
– Lightweight, packs flat
– BONUS game included!
– Instant download, so print & play!

// Use

– Teaching colours
– Play dates, road trips, holidays
– Gift idea: kids, families, travellers

// How to play this color game for kids?

1. All seagulls start at the fish shop.
2. Players take turns to throw the colour die. The seagull flies to the next boat of the colour corresponding to the die. For example, if you throw ‘orange’, you jump to the next orange boat. This can be a small step or a big flight!
3. The first seagull to arrive at the buoy wins the game!

// The package includes:

– board game (Letter & A4)
– BONUS board game
– colour die
– playing pieces (seagulls)
– simple instructions

// Directions

1. Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader (free at
2. Print the file on a colour printer (at home or a local print shop), preferably on heavy-weight paper (card stock).
3. Cut & fold the colour die & seagulls.

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