Road trip games for kids [printable booklet]


Fab road trip games for worry-free traveling! Fun strategic games that will keep the kids entertained for hours. Instant download, so print & play!


Five printable road trip games in a single booklet: the answer to restless kids in the car. Just print the games you like and your kids will have fun while traveling, while keeping their brains active. Now that’s a win-win!

I use these all the time. We personally prefer traveling by train, and play these games with our kids, or they play with each other. 

My kids are allowed a little screen time, but I don’t want them plastered to the screen, not knowing what to do when they’re not being entertained. Road trip games to the rescue!

This little booklet of games is a great antidote to boredom. The games are strategic in nature, which means you can play them time after time. In the meanwhile, your child will develop new strategies, so he/she learns as (s)he plays! And all this time they’re happily occupied, with heir brains buzzing. You: peace and quiet during the trip.

Print these games as many as you wish – you’ll have an endless supply of games for many years to come! They also come in handy when you have to wait, in restaurants, in reception rooms, at the GP, ..  

Printable road trip games for kids


// What’s included in the ‘Printable Road trip games’ booklet

  1. Battleship: a classic battle for boys and girls
  2. Domineering: an abstract strategy game, originally played with dominos
  3. Nim: a game played all over the world, trickier than it looks!
  4. Pipelayer: who’s the first to connect a pipe? North-South or East-West?
  5. SOS – a take on Tic-Tac-Toe, making the game much more interesting

You’ll find details on the rules on the game sheets.

// Printable Road trip games’ booklet

  • Age: 5+
  • Players: 2
  • Duration: 5-15 minutes per game (depending which one)
  • Use: road trips, holidays, waiting in restaurant, doctor’s office, play dates
  • Gift idea: kids, families, travellers
  • Packs flat 
  • Instant download, so print & play!
  • Endless supply: print as many as you need

// Directions

1. Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader (free at 

2. Print the files and play!

Have a look at other printable board game for kids, always a great idea for a screen free summer activity. Instant download: print & play!


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