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A fun litlle colour game game to teach colours to young kids, using a colour die. Suitable from age 3.

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This is a simple colour game for preschoolers. It’s easy & fun to play, which makes it very easy and enjoyable to teach the colours, for every young players (3+). Instant download, so print & play!

Great gift idea for preschoolers or families who travel frequently.

// Details

– Game: board game, based on luck and color recognition
– Theme: colours
– Age: 3+
– Players: 2-3 players
– Duration: 5 minutes

// Use the simple colour game:

– Teaching colours
– Play dates, weekends, road trips, holidays
– Gift idea: kids, families, travellers

// How to play?

1. The bear and fox (playing pieces) assemble at the starting point. During the game they will jump towards the colour wheel (finish).

2. Players take turns to roll the coloured die. The animal jumps to the next disc with the corresponding color. For example, if you throw ‘green’ you fly to the next green disc. This can be a small step or a big jump!

3. The first player to arrive at the colour wheel wins the game!

The game is in principle similar to ‘Color Jumps’, but in the current ‘Simple” game the jumps are easier to see (big bright dots compared to boats) and the playing field is also easier to visualise (going from top to bottom rather than circling).

// Education

When using the simple colour game, kids will learn:
– to understand simple rules
– wait for their turn
– colour recognotion

// The package includes:

– playing board (letter & A4)
– 3 printable playing pieces (polar bear, fox, brown bear), which can pack flat.
– 1 coloured die (glue not necessary), which can pack flat.
– simple instructions.

// Directions

1. Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader (available for free at
2. Print the file on a colour printer (at home or a print shop)
3. Fold the playing pieces and the die
4. Play!

  1. gemma.woodhead.1983 (verified owner)

    Love this! A game my 3yo actually likes to play!!

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