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  • Printable Easter activities for kids. Free download.

    Printable Easter Activities

    Looking forward to spring? And Easter? I love getting my home ready for Easter. What’s better than filling the house with pretty pastels to compensate for those chilly winter days? And if the kids can help it’s a definite win-win! All you need is a few good crafts projects. This way you can keep the …

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  • DIY banner colouring sheet

    Pretty banner colouring sheet

    When we moved house I wanted to prepare my son for his new bedroom. I thought we would make decorations, so he would have a chance to wrap his mind around the fact that he would be sleeping in another bedroom. It worked so well – it looked very festive! He loved seeing his decoration …

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  • Coloring sheet of the clock

    Learning the clock – colouring sheet

    Learning the clock. My son is getting interested in time and he really wants to learn to read the clock. Obviously, he must first get is head around the concept of a 24-hour day, even though he only sees the numbers 1-12 on a regular analogue clock. Concept of a 2×12 hour day I thought a …

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